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Picosmos is a software covering with all kinds of image functions, such as special effect, browsing, editing, composing, segmentation, combine and screen recording and screenshot. You can do most of things if you install it.

Picosmos is a software covering with all kinds of image functions, such as special effect, browsing, editing, composing, segmentation, combine and screen recording and screenshot. You can do most of things if you install it.

Picosmos Tools update history

  • V2.6.0 2020 2.19
    1 Fixed the crash bug that caused by shutdown
    2 Fixed the bug of module download
    3 Adjusted the default brush of the erase function to remove area

    V2.5.5 2020 1.7
    1 Improved "Capture" and added "OCR" function
    2 Fixed some bugs of Picosmos Shows
    3 Fixed some bugs of mobile photo import
    4 Added convert heic to jpg to retain exif information
    5 Fixed the bug of batch cropping
    6 Improved file type icons

    V2.4.0 2019 8.6
    1 Added support for PDF,TIF
    2 Added photo Organizing by location
    3 Added support for animated webp format
    4 Added photo EXIF details viewer
    5 Fixed some problems with batch processing

    V2.3.0 2019 4.25
    1 added "Anti-aliasing" in "Editor" and "Cutout".
    2 Improve "Print" to support photo horizontal and vertical placement and multi-pages of "gif","tif".
    3 Added FPS time option in "Animation".
    4 Added support for loading every frames of "tif" and "gif" in "Page" and "Combine"
    5 Picosmos Shows: Improve "Auto BG replace" in "Batch".
    6 Picosmos Shows: Fixed bugs of "Batch"

    V2.2.0 2019 2.3
    1 added supporting for SVG, DXF, EMF vector graphics files.
    2 added supporting for Multi-pages TIF files.
    3 Optimized thumbnail of GIF files.

    V2.1.0 2018 11.2
    1 Fixed the bug when loading HEIC files by Multi-Threads
    2 Editor: Added gradient and clone stamp tools
    3 Split: Improved batch function,processing and save to file
    4 Page: supports save modified page files,retain material and text layers when switching
    5 Fixed some bugs of history record
    6 Screen Capture: supports output format GIF
    7 Picosmos Shows:Fixed the supports for 4K resolution

    V2.0.0 2018 5.12
    1 Major updates,Please do not miss!!!

    V1.13.0 2017 9.15
    1 Disable screen saver during playing
    2 Added "Organize" function after photos imported
    3 Fixed the bug of "Import" function
    4 Fixed some bugs in thumbnail generate thread
    5 Fixed some bugs in "Batch"->"Organize"

    V1.11.5 2017 8.26
    1 Fixed the bug of "Import" function
    2 Added "Delete after imported" to help user release memory space
    3 Added "Drag and Drop" function when view mobile device photos
    4 Fixed some bugs when view mobile device photos

    V1.11.0 2017 8.10
    1 Fixed the bug of "Import" function
    2 Added "Copy to clipboard"
    3 Added supports for printing multiple images
    4 Optimized the pictures cache
    5 Fixed bug of Screen Record

    V1.9.5 2017 7.5
    1.Picosmos Shows: Added multi-threads supporting
    2.Picosmos Shows: Added the photos backup reminder
    3.Effects: Added cosmetology module.
    4.Added fog denoising filter function.
    5.Now you can set the saved file quality.
    6.Fixed bug for screen recording sound sync.

    V1.9.0 2017 4.27
    1 Picosmos Shows:Supports for playing GIF animate in list.
    2 Picosmos Shows:Supports for importing and managing video files.
    3.Picosmos Tools:Added "Screen Record".
    4.Effect:Added effect tools "Mask Cutout".

    V1.8.5 2017 3.18
    1 Picosmos Shows:Added "Import" photos from devices
    2 Picosmos Shows:Added browsing the photos in devices directly
    3.Effect:Adjust the GUI
    4.Effect:Added new canvas modules include resize, canvas size and color settings
    5.Page:Fixed the distortion problem when resize the picture in "Free Scene"
    6.Editor:Adjust the effect of "Add Frame"
    7.Screen Shot:added adaptive toolbar location
    8.Turn on the effect preview function

    V1.8.0 2017 1.18
    1 Added filter "detail enhancing" in Effect
    2 Added next and previous button in Effect
    3 Added function "Animation" to Start Page
    4 Added batch function "Multi-size output" and "Auto BG Replace"
    5 Added copying and cutting files to "Windows Explorer"
    6 Fixed the bug that exporting page file from editor
    7 Fixed the bug of "Picosmos Shows"
    8 Added function "Erase" to Start Page

    V1.7.5 2016 11.18
    1 Improved the user experience of canvas zoom.
    2 Improved "Cutout" that added automatic cut and delete function.
    3 Added function that Scene Page switch to the editor.
    4 Fixed the bug of rotation in free scene page.
    5 Improved copying pictures to the office software.
    6 Improved part of the filter effect.
    7 Added function "File Information".

    V1.7.0 2016 10.7
    1 Added function "Auto Controst" and "Auto Level"
    2 Added function "Perspective" in Editor
    3 Improved "Thumbnail Cache" int Picosmos Shows
    4 Fixed the bug that Install Pack crashed in WinXP

    V1.6.5 2016 9.8
    1 Improved "print"
    2 Improved "Cutout"
    3 Fixed bugs of "Full Screen" in Picosmos Shows

    V1.6.0 2016 8.7
    1 Added "Cutout","Remove brush","Grid" to Effect.
    2 Added "auto adjusting layer size" to Editor
    3 Added "Seamless cloning" function to Editor
    4 Fixed bugs of combine layers history
    5 Fixed bugs of Page

    V1.5.5 2016 6.22
    1 Fixed bugs in "screenshot".
    2 Fixed bugs in "Eraser tool".
    3 Fixed bugs in GUI .
    4 Fixed bugs of Picosmos Shows.
    5 Fixed a bug in loading the 8-Bit color PNG files.
    6 Added some shortcuts in "Editor" and "Screen Capture".

    V1.5.0 2016 5.21
    1 Improved "Capture"
    2 Fixed some bugs of "Editor"
    3 Added "Custom canvas size" in "Page".
    4 Added some color tools into "Effect" and "Editor".

    V1.4.5 2016 3.12
    1 Improved "Capture" function
    2 Fixed some bugs of Editor

    V1.4.0 2016 2.7
    1 Added capture screen function , Ctrl + F5 to activate
    2 Fixed a crash bug on startup
    3 Added batch color adjustment function

    V1.3.5 2015 12.24
    1 Improved "Picture Load" module.
    2 Added GIF player to support playback,pause and other functions.
    3 Improved "Picosmos Shows" many GUI details to support 4K screen.
    4 Added switch to display/hide folder thumbnail

    V1.3.0 2015 11.21
    1 Added Sending picture to Email
    2 Added support for the camera
    3 Improved printing capabilities
    4 Improved crop box
    5 Improving Grid display
    6 Added coordinates display in split window
    7 Adjust the interface layout PicosmosShows

    V1.2.5 2015.9.30
    1 Fixed a lot of bugs
    2 Improved Picosmos Shows
    3 Improved "Crop" function
    4 Added "Resize" in "Picosmos Shows"

    V1.2.0 2015.9.12
    1 Fixed a lot of bugs
    2 Adjusted the UI of functions

    V1.1.0 2015.8.23
    1 Added some new material
    2 Improved the operation on the touch screen
    3 Adjusted the GUI layout
    4 Improved compatibility of Windows10
    5 Now you can add text and materials in "Effect"
    6 Added new filters dermabrasion, selective focus, Gaussian blur, oil painting, pencil drawing
    7 Split Ribbon new print and copy to clipboard function

    V1.0.1 2015.7.19
    1 Added some material
    2 Improved GUI compatibility in 4K screen.
    3 Improved "Effect"

    V1.0.0 2015.6.10
    v0.0.0 2012.10.1

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